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CSIRO needs your feedback!

LCA data and methods research projects for animal- and plant-based protein

Higher protein intake is needed due to shifts in dietary choices aggravated by a growing population and associated food demand. More than 40% of Australians identify as flexitarians, meat-reducers, or vegetarians/vegans, and as a result, they consume more meals with plant-based proteins. Many food companies have seen this increasing market demand for plant-based proteins, and have started launching plant-based protein products.

There is a growing opportunity for LCA practitioners to provide more accurate and data-driven environmental metrics for this emerging plant-based protein market. Such contribution from the LCA community will enable this emerging industry to assess better and improve sustainability aspects. More accurate metrics will also enable policy makers with more realistic decisions to ensure sustainability in the long run.

CSIRO is carrying out a scoping study to map out the LCA capabilities in Australia on existing and novel plant-based protein foods. Part of the study includes identifying complementary capabilities of consulting firms and CSIRO in this space. The aim of this work is to identify where CSIRO can contribute to this emerging industry to deliver more accurate and efficient LCA assessments.

Researchers are requesting input from ALCAS members on the following questions:

1. What databases are you using for conducting LCA of plant/animal proteins?

2. What data gaps have you found and what strategies have you developed to fill them?

3. What are your clients´ needs?

4. Similarly, what are the clients’ drivers for environmental reporting?

5. Do you see yourself and your business partnering with CSIRO to enable world-class LCAs around plant protein sustainability?

6. Do you have any suggestions on how CSIRO can value-add to your work or how you can value-add to CSIRO’s work?

7. What would a successful engagement look like?

Certified LCA Practitioners will be contacted by Drs. Annika Jave, Nazmul Islam and Murray Hall in April-May 2023 with our permission, using the contact details on our website.

Anyone willing to provide input can contact Nazmul Islam at, or Annika Jave at directly.

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