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Organisational Structure

ALCAS' Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the strategic direction, governance and administration of ALCAS. The Board comprises ALCAS members who provide leadership to the organisation on a voluntary basis. The executive team comprises: the ALCAS President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and the Executive Director (permanent, part-time). The Executive Team is responsible for resource development and funding. Reporting to the Executive Team are four Subcommittees:

  • Professional Development

  • Marketing & Business Development

  • AusLCI

  • Methodology Development

The Executive Team


The role of the Executive Team is to formulate the ALCAS strategy and resource allocation, and manage performance of the subcommittees to the common purpose of the organisation. This includes direct responsibility for Governance, Funding, Administration and Operations.


The Executive Team is also responsible for the designation of Subcommittees, the appointment of the Subcommittee Chairpersons and oversight of subcommittee performance. 




The chair of each subcommittee is also a Board member, other members include at least one other Board member and any other volunteer ALCAS members. Subcommittees are entitled to recruit non-ALCAS members, as required, to serve their group's purposes.


The Professional Development Subcommittee is responsible for the ALCAS professional development plan, including LCA training and education, review of the ALCAS Code of Conduct and development/implementation of an accreditation program for LCA practitioners.


The Marketing & Business Development Subcommittee is responsible for preparing the ALCAS marketing plan and supporting the communications needs of the organisation, including website administration, newsletters, event and conference promotion, and general public relations.


The AusLCI Subcommittee is responsible for development of the AusLCI, including selection of and guidance to new industries for inclusion in the AusLCI, administration of the AusLCI database and liaison with international LCI organisations.


The Methodology  Development Subcommittee is responsible for overseeing the development of LCA methods in all respects, including coordination with the AusLCI Subcommittee.


The respective Subcommittee chairs are responsible for ensuring progress within their subcommittee and reporting to the Executive Director, Executive Team and the Board.

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