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Code of Conduct


All members of ALCAS are required to comply with the current ALCAS Code of Conduct.


Members, who wish to be recognized as LCACP members, certified under the ALCAS certification scheme, are required to keep their membership dues current and comply with the following additional elements of the Code.


  • Confidentiality. Committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all dealings with potential, current and past clients, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received.

  • Duty of Care. Advice and services provided will conform to all relevant laws and legislation, and where relevant, applicable national and international guidelines and standards.

  • Conflict of Interest. Conflicts of interest, where they arise, will be made known to clients.

  • Intellectual Property. The moral rights in, and ownership of all intellectual property created in the course of providing services will be agreed with clients in advance of any services being provided. No information relating to any assignment will be discussed or disclosed unless required by law or authorized in writing by the client and/or the organization employing the LCACP.

  • Professional Conduct. All activities will be conducted professionally and with integrity. Complete objectivity will be maintained so that issues are never influenced by anything other than the best and proper interests of clients.

  • Use of “ALCAS” Name. LCACP Members may use ‘LCACP Member of ALCAS’ in their business communications but must always add the disclaimer that ALCAS does not bear any legal responsibility relating to the types, outcomes or quality of the services provided by the LCACP Member.

  • Professional Competence. Professional knowledge and skill will be maintained at an appropriate level, which ensures clients receive competent professional services based on current developments in practice and techniques, and in accordance with all applicable technical and professional standards. The LCACP Member will not undertake assignments which he/she is not qualified or competent to perform.

  • Inducements, Commissions. Inducements, commissions, gifts or any other benefit will not be accepted from client organizations, their employees or any other interested party, nor will colleagues be knowingly allowed to do so.

  • Breach of Code. No actions will be undertaken that would in any way prejudice the reputation of ALCAS, and the LCACP Member agrees to cooperate fully with any enquiry ensuing from any alleged breach of this Code. (ALCAS has the sole authority to interpret this Code and to take appropriate action in the event of alleged breach, howsoever it arises). “Appropriate action” for proven breaches of this Code can include removal from membership and prevention of the right to claim ALCAS recognized LCACP status.

Version 6; Approved by the Board of ALCAS. 29th September 2013.


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