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Vision & Mission


ALCAS' Vision is to cause LCA to be a central method for environmental assessment and decision-making throughout the Australian economy.


ALCAS' Mission is to cause rapid and broad-based development and use of LCA throughout the Australian economy, consistent with international development of LCA.


We believe there is high potential for growth in the LCA industry in the form of:

  • Increased use of LCA across a range of industries.

  • Growth in the number of LCA practitioners and LCA consulting firms.

  • Growth and development of LCA tools by industry and government.

  • Development of educational services and credentials for LCA practitioners.

  • Use of LCA in the regulation of sustainable development.

  • The development of the AusLCI database across a full range of industries; transport, manufacturing, agriculture, energy production, building, and public service and defense.

  • Development of international linkages so as to ensure that Australian LCA thinking is at the leading edge of global development.

ALCAS will lead these developments by:


  • Adopting a more proactive and ambitious development strategy. 

  • Increasing its profile with industry and government by leading the development and promotion of LCA.

  • Increasing its financial resources by gaining government funding, offering educational and membership services, providing services to industry.

  • Increasing its management and administrative resources.

  • Increasing its membership by:


a) Raising its profile within industry and government and leveraging its recognition with research institutions, and

b) Offering services to its members that serve their development objectives.


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