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Global Guidance on Life Cycle Indicators - Volume 2

Wednesday 29 January 12pm-1:30pm


Speakers Tim Grant and Stephen Northey present the report from Lifecycle Initiative on consensus building for LCA indicators.





ALCAS seminars provide a forum for discussing a specific LCA topic in detail. Generally spanning either a half or full day, seminars offer guest presentations on varying aspects of a chosen topic.


Seminars are an excellent opportunity to gain a greater understanding on the topic, discuss individual perspectives or research, and make links with others to share data and progress on LCA developments. 


Past Seminars:


Best Practice Impact Assessment: 18th of April 2016


Best Practice Impact Assessment Guidelines: 17th of December 2014


Soil Quality Indicators in LCA: 8th - 9th of April 2014 (Presentations)


Bio-based Products - Explore the potential of LCA: 19th of February 2014


Das Timbers - German Experiences in Timber Assessment and Building Sustainability Rating Tools and Directions for Australia: Friday 16th of November 2012


Modelling Pesticide Flows for Life Cycle Inventory: 17th of May 2012


Life Cycle Assessment for Mining and Minerals sector: 12 August 2011


Impact Assessment & Weightings: 19th of August 2010


Getting the impacts of water use into LCA: 20th of February 2009


Life Cycle Management: 7th of June 2008


Extending Life Cycle Assessment - Social Indicators: 7th of June 2008


Building Assemblies and Materials Scorecard: 30th of October 2007


Biodiversity/LCA: 23rd of July 2007


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