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The Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS) is a professional organisation for people interested in the practice, use, development and interpretation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


The purpose of the society is to promote and foster the responsible development and application of LCA methodology in Australia and internationally, with a view to making a positive contribution to Ecological Sustainable Development and to represent the Australian LCA community in the international arena.


Our overriding objective is to cause growth in the use of LCA, in the national interest and on behalf of its members. ALCAS aims to reach and influence stakeholders throughout the economy; government, industry and all non-government institutions. This scope is literally tens of thousands of individuals and organisations. ALCAS' primary role is to promote LCA (and LCI) to all current and potential stakeholders.


The specific objectives of ALCAS are:


  1. To promote and foster the appropriate application of LCA in Australia.

  2. To promote and foster the responsible development of LCA methodology in Australia, considering international initiatives and commensurate with local conditions.

  3. To foster links with the international LCA community.

  4. To organise LCA roundtables to facilitate information exchange and discussion on LCA amongst stakeholder groups.

  5. To contribute to national policies, positions and approaches on LCA and its applications, both nationally and internationally.

  6. To increase education and awareness of LCA among stakeholders including industry, academia, government, non-government organizations, LCA practitioners, end users and the general public.

  7. To develop a national competence in LCA to meet the environmental challenges both locally and internationally.


ALCAS is a not-for-profit organisation with individual and corporate members from industry, government, academia and service organisations.

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