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Waste and resource recovery

Understanding context, drivers and barriers in development of an agriculture, fisheries and forestry roadmap

Article submitted by RMCG

Agriculture, fisheries and forestry produce a significant amount and diversity of on farm waste, with waste disposal often involving environmentally harmful practices (such as burning, on-farm burying and dumping), landfill and inefficient use of resources.

Primary producers want to improve waste management on their farms and in their industries and make the most of these finite resources. However, there are often barriers to changing practices, including logistics, geographical isolation and prohibitive cost and unavailability of alternative materials.

Opportunities exist to move towards a more sustainable management of waste including the generation of less waste, and processes to recycle or safely dispose of the waste that can’t be avoided. There is also the prospect to implement the principles of a circular economy, whereby resources continue to be used within the primary industries sector and/or within a region.

Government guidance and regulation and community attitudes are rapidly developing, with an expectation that all sectors of the community will work towards minimising waste and ensuring greater resource use efficiency.

RM Consulting Group (RMCG) developed this article, originally published in the Australian Farm Institute’s Farm Policy Journal, to explore the drivers, development and recommendations on how the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors can be part of the solution by implementing novel waste management methods based on the principles of a circular economy.

RMCG is an environmental and agricultural consultancy with expertise in resource recovery, including developing processes and reuse schemes that integrate circular management principles and design out waste. This work is considered in the broader context of land management, the environment, local opportunities and the viability to businesses.


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