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President's Message

Dear ALCAS members and friends,

Next month in August, we will have our Annual General Meeting. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the date and for calls for nominations to join the ALCAS board. Please consider getting yourself nominated and contributing to ALCAS operations. Last year, we had quite a few new board members and it has been great to work with them.

The AGM will also mark the end of my term as president, so in the next newsletter you will hear from someone else. Nominations for president are separate as the position of president is filled by election by the AGM, for a period of two years. The other positions on the board are filled by election by the board, in the first board meeting after the AGM.

It has been a pleasure to preside over ALCAS for two years, but I should acknowledge that ALCAS is a well-oiled machine owing to the incredible long-term dedication of many people. So, thank you to board and committee members, our service providers and all ALCAS members who keep that oil flowing!

Maartje Sevenster

ALCAS President

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