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LCA of food packaging used in humanitarian assistance: request for knowledge sharing

The Joint Initiative for sustainable humanitarian packaging waste management is currently starting a project aiming at performing life cycle analysis of the main packaging items used in humanitarian assistance response. The Joint Initiative is seeking to hear from the life cycle community regarding experiences and/or reports of LCA studies already performed for the following types of packaging:

  • 5L HDPE jerrycans used for vegetable oil

  • 1L to 4L PET bottles used for vegetable oil

  • 4L metal cans used for vegetable oil

  • 10kg to 90kg PP woven bag used for food (staple food) and non-food items

  • 50g to 1.5kg flexible metalized sachets (HFFS or VFFS) used for processed food (typical material composition: metPET12/PE80, BOPP20/ALU7/CPP35, PET12/MPET12/PE40)

  • Carton boxes used as secondary packaging (approximate size: 450 x 250 x 210 mm – example of material structure: K186/Fluting100/T180/Fluting135/K186)

If you have any insights to share, please get in touch with the focal point for the study: Carole Manceau, Packaging Specialist for the World Food Programme.

Source: Life Cycle Initiatives newsletter, Nov/Dec 2021

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