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eTool changes name to Cerclos

Long-standing ALCAS member and world-leading sustainability SaaS company eTool, has recently changed its name to Cerclos.

The catalyst for this rebrand was to differentiate the company name from their products. “We recognise the growing need for solutions to decarbonise the built form and want to ensure that we are best equipped to market our superior products to meet this demand,” says the Cerclos press release. 

Rebranding includes: 

* Company name change to Cerclos

* The carbon management software previously known as eToolLCD will be known simply as eTool.

* The services team is rebranded to the Net Zero Innovation Centre. 

The name Cerclos is derived from the French word ‘cercle’ meaning circle and the Greek word ‘helios’ meaning sun. The circle represents life cycle assessment, the incredible whole-of-life methodology that eTool is simplifying for wider adoption. In mythology, the sun is usually an “all-seeing” deity, and this reflects the clarity Cerclos’ customers achieve when using their products and services to optimise environmental and cost performance. 

It's worth noting this change is not accompanied by a change of ownership and will not affect or delay any existing subscriptions and service agreements.

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