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thinkstep offers LCA-based packaging calculator to help design sustainable packaging

thinkstep has designed a software tool which can help companies to design sustainable packaging. The GaBi Packaging Calculator (GPC) is a web-based configuration tool specifically made for the requirements of the packaging industry. The software allows packaging designers to create life cycle assessments and to simulate the use of alternative materials or processes in design scenarios.

Based on dozens of LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) datasets, the tool includes LCI datasets on the materials used in packaging (e.g., plastics, bioplastics, laminates, etc.), manufacturing processes (e.g., injection molding), and transportation modes (air, ship, road, rail). Using the calculator, packaging designers and product developers can create their life cycle assessments with the GPC with the click of a mouse by setting parameters on an intuitive web interface.

The GPC also provides the ability to configure alternative packaging scenarios and compare them to the current designs, making it possible to determine with which materials, production processes, transport routes or locations companies can optimize their environmental footprint and reduce harmful environmental impacts.

Click here to register for a webinar to find out more.

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