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Special session on LCA in the 1st AP SDEWES conference in Gold Coast

Encouraged by the success of the conference series on Sustainable Development of Energy Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES), a regional biannual series targeting the Asia Pacific region (AP SDEWES conferences) have been initiated, with first conference to be held in Gold Coast, Australia in April 2020. Associated Professor Wahidul Biswas Sustainable Engineering Group of Curtin University was approached by the conference organizer to conduct a special session covering "Life cycle assessment for achieving sustainable engineering solutions".

A good number of local and international LCA practitioners from the University of Queensland, University of Western Sydney, Curtin University, University of Southern Queensland and Universitas Muahammadiyah Mataram of Indonesia will be presenting to this session on following topics highlighting the application of LCA in agri-food, chemical, manufacturing and water sectors to achieve circular and green economy.

  • Application of Life Cycle Assessment in Improving The Energy and Waste Management Strategies: A Case Study of Fertilizer Plant in Indonesia

  • A Methodological Framework for Assessing the Nexus of Energy, Water and Environmental Systems for Sustainability of the Australian Food System: Case of Beef Industry

  • Use of LCA for On-farm Energy management in the Agricultural Industries in Australia

  • Life Cycle Assessment of Rainwater Tank Design Options

  • ‘Techno-eco-efficiency’ Performance of 3D Printed Impellers – An Application of Life Cycle Assessment

  • Life Cycle Assessment for Circular and Green Economy All ALCAS members are encouraged to participate in this conference.

Click here for detailed information.

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