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Call for Contribution ALCAS Symposium

ALCAS invites LCA practitioners, developers and users to participate in the 2020 joint IELab-ALCAS Conference. Over two days (3-5 February 2020) in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW, this conference will address ways to community awareness and usage of LCA and Industrial Ecology and was as showcasing the diverse applications of both IELab and LCA.

ALCAS is calling for contributions in the following formats:


If you have expert knowledge in a facet of LCA or LCA tools we would welcome a training session in your area of expertise.


If you have done LCA studies or are working on impact methods ALCAS conference organisers would love to hear about it.


If you have proposed research or preliminary results you would simply like other to know about please let organisers know.


If you have idea or topic you would like to see discussed at the conference, let organisers know.

Please submit abstracts of 100-250 words by 20 December 2019 to and use the following format:

  • Abstract Title

  • Type of Contribution (Training, Presentation, Poster or Discussion)

  • First and SURNAME,

  • Affiliation

  • Abstract Text (100-250 words maximum)

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