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thinkstep’s Big Adventure: LCA of electric vs diesel motorhomes

The demand for ecotourism and sustainable travel has grown significantly. thl, owner of major motorhome rental brands including Maui, Britz and Mighty, are offering an electric vehicle (EV) option as an alternative to conventional fossil fuel motorhomes is part of thl’s response to this movement.

Instead of relying on assumptions and greenwashing thl sent two thinkstep teams on a fact-finding mission. For one week they went on a big adventure around the North Island of New Zealand in two Britz motorhomes – one electric and one diesel.

In a series of three to four videos thinkstep will Share the Adventure and take you out into New Zealand’s beautiful countryside and explain how Life Cycle Assessment works, how we gathered data on diesel consumption and electricity use, investigated all materials used to build and maintain the motorhomes, including the battery of the EV and key findings.

They have already released a short video explaining what they will do:

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