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Introducing the Building Products Information Rating (BPI)

Building owners are increasingly seeking information about the building materials present in their existing structure, the suitability for the building and how those materials should be maintained. Professionals like architects, designers and engineers are expected to have the answers. Yet, surprisingly, there are few places that building owners and professionals can go in order to readily find information about building materials and compare alternatives. The result of that absence is either hundreds of wasted hours of research time across the sector or, perhaps worse still, the specification of inputs into buildings that are inappropriate or sub-optimal.

BPI Rating stands for Building Product Information Rating, and is a platform designed by Edge Environment to create a home for all that data. Their hope is that it will help the industry save time and effort when searching for products with the right credentials, while also providing a clear route for leading suppliers to showcase their wares.

BPI Rating provides information on the Compliance, Resilience, Environmental and Social credentials of building products, systems and materials, as well as collating reviews and in the future including information on maintenance issues. These can be looked at in detail by users, but are also summarised into a simple rating scheme that makes it easy to filter and compare products and Fast track your development’s sustainability credentials by opting for certified building materials

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