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EPD Australasia surpasses 50 published EPDs

Earlier this year, EPD Australasia announced the publication of the 50th Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This milestone was claimed by Tasman Insulation New Zealand for their EPD of Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation segments, blankets and boards.

“Tasman Insulation’s EPD joins 49 others from 25 companies in Australia and New Zealand” said Stephen Mitchell, Chair of the Australasian EPD Programme. “It is a significant achievement for them and our Programme”.

“We are very honoured to have registered the 50th EPD” said Vanessa Lanegra, Technical Marketing Manager from Tasman Insulation. “As a manufacturer – there were a number of drivers for us to undertake the process of developing an EPD, a strong driver was the potential for products with EPDs to gain green building credits but what really sold it for us was how through the process of undertaking a life cycle assessment of our product at two different times, and comparing these we could see the environmental improvements to our product, and with our EPD published we now have credible and transparent environment information as a baseline from which we can seek further improvements.”

The recognition for EPDs provided under Green Star in Australia and New Zealand as well as the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating system has been critical in providing the market pull to help get EPDs established in Australasia.

EPD Australasia was started by ALCAS and ALCANZ in 2014 and is a regional partner of the International EPD System. The programme has seen steady growth since its inception with increasing demand for credible verified environmental data.

“This milestone would not have been possible without the foresight, hard work and support of a lot of clever and dedicated people behind the scenes” said Mitchell. “What gives all of us involved with the EPD Australasia the most satisfaction is that the data in EPDs is helping all sorts of business understand carbon impacts as well as air, water pollution and waste generation impacts of their design and procurement decisions. This is leading to quantifiably better and more sustainable decision making.”

All EPDs registered with EPD Australasia must be independently verified as meeting the rigorous standards of ISO 14025 and International EPD System rules – ensuring global compatibility. Building and construction product EPDs must also conform to EN 15804.

Visit for more information or to download an EPD.

Visit for more information or to download an EPD.

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