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Data from a recent report on slowing down or sustainably accelerating fast fashion was put on display at a fashion show in London. "Disrupting Patterns" was held at the University of the Arts, London from 24-25 November last year and featured graphs plucked from a Mistra report on alternative clothing life cycles (Peters et al, 2018). The report has garnered considerable media interest and discusses the potential to extend the life cycle of a shirt to an amazing 40 years by collaborative consumption, digital sublimation dye overprinting and laser welding with new materials. At the other end of the spectrum, the report also examines the environmental potential of non-woven paper garments which can be composted or recycled in existing waste management systems, thus avoiding the technological bottlenecks associated with attempts to recycle conventional woven and knitted fabrics made from synthetic or cellulosic fibres. Click here to access the free report.

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December 20, 2023. I was honoured to be elected as ALCAS President at the ALCAS AGM in late October, being handed the baton from Rob Rouwette. The ALCAS Board is very grateful for Rob’s consistent ser

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