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Climate Innovation Summit highlights the need to curb emissions in company value chains

A central topic of the recent Climate Innovation Summit in Dublin was the ongoing gap in reporting emissions along the value chain when measuring environmental impacts. While most of the world’s largest companies report on emissions resulting from their direct operations, there remains significant gaps in Scope 3 emissions, or those emissions created further along the supply chain.

Finding ways to encourage measurement of Scope 3 missions was the topic of breakout sessions at the Summit. Five themes were identified as viable pathways to address emission in company value chains:

  1. Leverage procurement power to change the behaviour of company suppliers, this includes steps such as setting emission targets for suppliers.

  2. Address product design, creating products with longer lifespans and using more sustainable materials.

  3. Consider operational practices, including things like encouraging workers to cycle to work or using teleconferencing in lieu of business travel.

  4. Create business models that move away from the focus on ever increasing production and consumption.

  5. Change the way customers use products, encouraging them to use products more efficiently.

Read the full article in Climate KIC here.

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