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  • Tim Grant and Brad Ridoutt

New ISO documents published

In December 2017, ISO published two new documents that will be of interest to ALCAS members.

The first is an amendment to the core LCA standard 14044:2006. Amendment 1 expands the scope of ISO 14044 to cover the quantification of footprints, and adds two new definitions: “footprint” and “area of concern”. Aspect-specific documents exist to cover the quantification of carbon footprints (ISO/TS14067) and water footprints (ISO14046). With the amendment to ISO14044 now published, it can be used in the case of all other kinds of environmental footprints. This is important because it grounds all footprint quantification in LCA.

The second is a new addition to the 14020 series and concerns footprint communication. Previously, ISO published international standards on self-declared environmental claims (14021), eco-labels (14024), EPDs (14025) and PCR (14027). The new international standard, ISO14026:2017, provides principles, requirements and guidelines for the communication of footprints. This document is relevant to the communication of all kinds of footprints, including carbon footprints and water footprints.

The references for the two documents are:

ISO 14044:2006/Amd.1:2017. Environmental management – Life cycle assessment – Requirements and guidelines. Amendment 1.

ISO 14026:2017. Environmental labels and declarations – Principles, requirements and guidelines for communication of footprint information.

For further information contact Tim Grant who is the ALCAS delegate to Standards Australia National Mirror Committee EV-005, or Brad Ridoutt who Chairs EV-005.

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