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First comprehensive LCA review on underground piping in North America

The Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, which represents US and Canadian manufacturers of PVC pipes, has published the first comprehensive environmental and performance review of water and sewer pipes in North America.

The study used LCA methodology to evaluate a cradle-to-grave sustainability of commonly used drinking water and sewer pipe materials, including polyvinylchloride (PVC), concret, ductile iron and high density polyethylene pipes over a 100 year service period.

The LCA found that PVC has lower life cycle impacts in most categories than the alternative materials analysed. The areas studied included:

  • Raw material production and transporations;

  • Pipe production, transportation and installation;

  • Pipe use phase (including maintenance, repair and replacement);

  • Pipe end of life phase.

The study concludes that PVC pipe provides a competitive advantage for most piping applications.

Click here to access the study.


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