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Life-cycle study backs PVC pipe

The first comprehensive environmental review of underground piping systems in North America finds that PVC pipes has the environmental and economic attributes needed for long-lasting water and sewer systems. Sustainable Solutions Corp. (SSC), a Royersford, Pa. based firm, conducted an independent study of PVC pipe for buried infrastructure and found that, over its lifespan, PVC pipe is more cost-effective "while maintaining performance and reliable service levels, protecting water quality and minimizing water main breaks, water loss, infiltration and pavement repairs." The study also states that PVC pipe does not emit or leach toxic substances when manufactured or conveying water, nor does it corrode internally or externally or require chemical additives to inhibit corrosion. The peer-reviewed report also includes a comparison of alternative pipe products based on durability, performance and statistics, as well as relevant environmental data and history. Source:

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