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Member Profile: Alexis Demetrious

Alexis Demetrious is using LCA both in modeling for her Masters degree at RMIT, and in her job with Edge Environment.

Born in Geelong, Alexis completed her B.Eng in chemical engineering in 2010 and spent her first 5-years after graduation working at Australian Paper as a process engineer for pulp and paper manufacturing.

When and why did you first become involved with LCA?

I first became involved in LCA as an elective course during my final year of chemical engineering at RMIT University, which was taught by my current research supervisor, Dr. Enda Crossin. Having enjoyed the course and wanting to move into the environmental space after several years in pulp and paper manufacturing, I decided to do an LCA based research project.

How are you using LCA today?

I am using LCA in both my research degree at RMIT University and my job at Edge Environment. For my research project, I am building an LCA model to reflect waste management systems. At Edge Environment, LCA is a core business focus so there is plenty of exposure to EPDs and LCA studies for clients.

What do you predict will be the future of LCA in Australia?

I think LCA in Australia’s future will be boosted by industries’ demand for environmental certifications and accounting which will stimulate the need for more qualified practitioners. Advancing the science of LCA seems to be centred in Europe but it would be fantastic if this develops more in Australia.

Why did you decide to join ALCAS?

After I attended my first ALCAS conference in 2015 I decided to join the association. At the conference, I thought the discussions and presentations and the people I met were invigorating, which prompted me join. Since then I have enjoyed keeping up to date with the local industry.

What role do you think ALCAS should be playing?

Facilitating the ability for members and other industries to network so that we can promote LCA as a science and a useful tool.

As a member, what would you like ALCAS to do for you?

To keep me updated about events and news in the industry both in Australia and internationally. I think the conferences are a great way to learn about the development of LCA research. Holding workshops and webinars a few times a year would be great too!

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