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Supply Chain Sustainability School: The 15 Minute Catch Up

The Supply Chain Sustainability School ran a free event in Western Sydney on 18 August, 2016. It was a very informative event with an array of brief, but interesting presentations.

If you missed out, why not take 15 minutes to catch up on any one of the wide range of topics discussed.

Hear Edge Environment's Jonas Bengtsson share the importance of Life Cycle Assessment and better material choices

Watch John Holland Group's Renuka Sabaratnam explain how business is making more sustainable decisions

See GECA's Kate Harris clarify how third party certification is relevant to you and to great projects

Learn from Vinidex's George Macovaz how manufacturing industries are changing and using EPDs to communicate

Watch Darren Willman from Sustainability Advantage recount how Sustainable Site Facilities are becoming essential

Understand from the School's CEO Robin Mellon how definitions of sustainability are broadening or

Hear Robin Mellon explain some of Parramatta City Council's views on sustainable procurement decisions

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