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Update from the Australasian EPD Programme: August 2018

The Australasian EPD Programme recently held its Annual General Meeting. The Programme is a jointly owned by the Australian and New Zealand LCA Societies so the Presidents of each were present to hear a report on the Programme’s activities and finances for the previous year, ask questions, and to elect Directors.

Chair Stephen Mitchell outlined achievements for the year including successful collaboration with streamlined certification for Australasian EPDs under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard, and a major website upgrade, and a small surplus. The Programme now has 27 members with 44 EPDs registered with are a further 20 EPDs known to be currently under development. A decision was also made to fund on-ground EPD advocacy activities in Australian and New Zealand to raise the profile and understanding of EPDs in Australasia and support our existing members.

Significant potential still exists for EPDs within Australasia in the construction sector and we are now just beginning to see their full potential realised in decision making processes. Emerging sectors for EPDs include infrastructure, energy, agriculture, packaging and food and beverage.

The Australasian EPD Programme looks forward to registering its 50th EPD in the coming months.

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