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AusLCI Carbon Emissions Factors

The AusLCI Carbon Emissions Factors contains emissions data in kg CO2e for the AusLCI database. Data is included for several different impact assessment methods. The Carbon Neutrality Assumption method assumes that all biogenic carbon sequestered (e.g. during growth of agriculture) is eventually released back into the atmosphere, either naturally decomposed or burned, so that there is no net change of atmospheric carbon. As such this method includes factors from sources such as fossil fuels, as well as from biogenic methane, and excludes biogenic carbon. The Total Carbon method includes factors from sources such as fossil fuels as well as from biogenic sources, including biogenic methane. The Fossil Carbon method includes factors only from fossil fuel sources, and excludes biogenic carbon and biogenic methane. The Biogenic Carbon method includes factors only from biogenic sources, including biogenic methane and excludes other sources such as fossil fuels.

All data is available with and without infrastructure included. Infrastructure refers to upstream impacts from capital equipment. E.g. the tractor manufacture in a track operation process, or factory construction in a manufacturing process.

**Biogenic refers to impacts from carbon or methane stored in biomass. E.g. combustion of biomass, sequestration from agriculture.

Download AusLCI (V1.37) Carbon Emissions Factors.

A new set of emission factors specifically for the construction sector have been released which includes both genuine AusLCI data and selected emission factors from the shadow database which is used to support gaps in AusLCI data.  The shadow database is an Australianised version of the ecoinvent 2.2 database based on typical European/global practice but where all input flows have been changed to AusLCI where process data is available - for example all electricity, transport, natural gas, etc are changed to Australian inputs as well as any material data.

Download AusLCI (V1.38) Construction Carbon Emissions Factors_V1.

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