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ALCAS is a unique organisation in Australia. Its members are LCA practitioners and organizations that use or are interested in Life Cycle Assessment to better manage the environmental outcomes of their organization, their stakeholders or clients. Its function is to establish and promote the use of Life Cycle Assessment as a fundamental basis for environmental assessment in Australia. Whilst there are many organizations with an interest in LCA, only ALCAS represents the many interest groups including:

  • Industry and government organisations that are current or potential users of LCA
  • LCA Practitioners
  • Consulting firms that use LCA
  • Research institutions that support LCA
  • The many industries that have a need to build a LCI database to support LCA

As the peak body for LCA in Australia ALCAS has established the Australian Life Cycle Inventory (AusLCI) and is responsible for international liaison in the field primarily driven by the professionalism and international networks of its members.

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Our Mission

ALCAS Vision is to cause LCA to be a central method for environmental assessment and decision-making throughout the Australian economy.

ALCAS Mission is to cause rapid and broad based development and use of LCA throughout the Australian economy and consistent with international development of LCA.

ALCAS has one overriding objective – to cause high growth in the use of LCA in the national interest and on behalf of its members.  ALCAS aims to reach and influence stakeholders throughout the economy – government, industry, non-government institutions (all kinds). This scope is literally tens of thousands of individuals and organisations. ALCAS primary role is to promote LCA (and LCI) to all current and potential stakeholders.

We believe there is high potential for growth in the LCA industry:

  • Increased use of LCA across the range of industries.
  • Growth in the number of LCA practitioners and LCA consulting firms,
  • Growth and development of LCA Tools by industry and government,
  • Development of Educational services and credentials for LCA practitioners,
  • Use of LCA in regulation for sustainable development, 
  • The development of the AusLCI database across the full range of industries (transport, manufacturing, agriculture, energy production, public service and defense, building).
  • Development of international linkages so as to ensure that Australian LCA thinking is on the leading edge of global development.

ALCAS will lead these developments by:

  • Adopting a more proactive and ambitious development strategy. 
  • Increasing its profile with industry and government by leading the development and promotion of LCA.
  • Increasing its membership by: a) raising its profile within industry and government and leveraging its recognition with research institutions and b) offering services to its members that serve their development objectives.
  • Increasing its financial resources by gaining government funding, offering educational and membership services, providing services to industry.
  • Increasing its management and administrative resources.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Increasing membership spanning industry, government and non-government organizations.
  • Developing a considered and effective alliance strategy to leverage the resources and skills of other organizations interested in the development of LCA – selection and engagement with key alliance partners (government, industry, NGOs) 
  • Establishing the basis for Professional Development – code of conduct, accreditation, training
  • Increased and ongoing promotion of LCA through Public Relations and ongoing, profitable LCA driven Events / Conferences / Round Tables / Training with alliance partners (all kinds).
  • Standards and methodology development including EPD, PCR and Ecolabelling as the most important ways that LCA is made relevant in commercial and regulatory terms.
  • Development of an executive team that is responsible for achievement of ALCAS mission.