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LCA Study Searches for Alternative Fuels for Shipping Industry

In April, the International Maritime Organisation formalised its first emissions target for the shipping industry, committing to reduce shipping’s greenhouse gas contribution by 50% by 2050, compared to 2008 levels. The hunt is now on for new fuels to help meet this goal.

An LCA study by the University of Manchester’s Tyndall Centre, has identified hydrogen and bio-derived fuels as potential alternative fuels for the shipping industry.

But there are caveats. John Broderick, a lecturer in energy and climate change at the University of Manchester and a researcher at the Tyndall Centre said, “Both hydrogen and bio-derived fuels produce substantial CO2 reductions, but achieving that is largely outside of the shipping industry’s control.”

“For hydrogen, excess renewable energy must be available to provide the hydrogen that is then combusted on the ship. That has a lot to do with the upstream production and energy system.”

“And with bio, the hazard of induced land-use change can be seen as a whole research subject in itself – the climate impact of bio energy systems.”

Access the study here.

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