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ALCAS Webinar: Overview and Innovations in the new Agricultural Inventory for AusLCI

ALCAS will be hosting the webinar ‘Overview and innovations in the new Agricultural Inventory for AusLCI' on Tuesday 12th December, 2017. Agricultural production underpins much of the bio-economy – food, fibre, biofuel and biomaterials. Often what happens during the primary production stage on-farm is a “black box” to most LCA practitioners.

Without specific domain knowledge it is difficult to adapt international life cycle inventory (LCI) to reflect regional differences in production systems. And these differences have a big impact! Sandra Eady and Tim Grant will present the latest developments in LCI for Australian agricultural production. This webinar will cover:

  • Scope of the agricultural processes covered in AusLCI (products, regions, national inventory)

  • New inventory flows and indicators (soil quality, particulates)

  • Research functionality (e.g. land use based inventory)

  • Future developments to account for the GHG consequences of change in soil carbon and land use change

  • Demos using Simapro software.

At the end of the webinar we will have a Q & A session both on the topic and more generally on life cycle assessment. The webinar will also provide opportunities for participants to describe their research and activities in this area.

Date: 12TH DECEMBER, 2017

Time: 13H00 – 14H30 (AEDT: MELBOURNE)

Click here to register.

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