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ALCAS Webinars to cover first Industrial Ecology Virtual Lab, Circular Economy and Carbon Storage

The 2017 ALCAS webinar series kicked off on 17 May with a presentation on the first phase of the UNEP/SETAC impact assessment flagship project. The next three webinars have now been announced.

14 June: Tom Wiedmann

Tom will present an overview of uptake, usage and applications of the first operational Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory.

Click here to register.

25 July: Jodie Bricout

Jodie will talk about the Circular Economy. She is lead author of the recent report on the benefits of a circular economy in South Australia.

Click here to register.

20 Sept: Maartje Sevenster

Maartje will discuss carbon storage in product footprinting and expected methodology definitions for the European PEF transition phase.

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