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There are a number of respected journals in the LCA field which regularly publish studies:

International Journal of LCA

LCA has become a recognized instrument to assess the ecological burdens and impacts connected with products and systems, or with human activities. The journal is a forum for

  • Scientists developing LCA
  • LCA practitioners
  • Managers concerned with environmental aspects of products
  • Governmental environmental agencies responsible for product quality
  • Scientific and industrial societies involved in LCA development
  • Ecological institutions and bodies


Journal of Cleaner Production

The Journal of Cleaner Production serves as an interdisciplinary, international forum for the exchange of information and research results on the technologies, concepts and policies designed to help ensure progress towards sustainable societies. It aims to encourage industrial innovation, new and improved products, and the implementation of new, cleaner processes, products and services.


Journal of Industrial Ecology

The Journal of Industrial Ecology is an international, multi-disciplinary bimonthly designed to foster both understanding and practice in the emerging field of industrial ecology.



These journals may also publish LCA studies: